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Yandere Simulator
  • Developer: YandereDev
  • Genre: Stealth, Simulator
  • Version: 2022-03-11
User Rating: Rating 4.51

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Release Date
Jun 25, 2019
Stealth, Simulator
Windows PC


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Get a Senpai's Attention in Yandere Simulator Game!

Grace Morris

Yandere Simulator stealth game with a very unique premise. In the game, you play as a high school girl who secretly in love with a boy. Your goal is to eliminate any girl who has crush on him before she can profess her love on Friday. You can do this by setting her up with another boy, ruining reputation, expelling from school, accusing of crime, sabotaging communication, or kidnapping and keeping in the basement. There are a wide variety of options available to you, and the product offers great deal of replayability.


Graphics in Yandere Simulator download are very good. Characters are well-designed and the environments are detailed. Product does good job of conveying the feeling of being in high school.


Gameplay in Yandere Simulator online is very solid. Controls are simple and easy to learn, and the game is very challenging. There is lot of room for error, and you will often find yourself having to restart from previous save. However, the game is very rewarding, and it’s really satisfying to see your plan come together and the girl you are stalking finally confess her loved one to the boy you are in love with.


There is no multiplayer in play Yandere Simulator.


The Yandere Simulator game has high replayability. There are multiple ways to eliminate your rivals, so you can experiment with different strategies. Product is also designed to be moddable, so you can install mods to change the gameplay or add new content. Product currently in development, so new content and mods will be released regularly.


  • What is the objective of the free Yandere Simulator?
    Objective of the game to eliminate any girl in love with the protagonist before she can confess her feelings of affection to him.
  • What are some features of the game?
    There are a wide variety of features, players can manipulate the environment to set up schemes, and attend classes to gain special abilities.
  • How much does the game cost?
    The Yandere Simulator play still in development, so it’s free to download.


Overall, download Yandere Simulator a unique and enjoyable stealth game. It has great graphics, gameplay, and replayability. However, it does not have any multiplayer features. If you are looking for a single-player stealth product that you can replay multiple times, then Yandere Simulator online game is great choice.


  • There's lot of replay value, since you can play with different characters.
  • There's lot of girls to choose from.
  • Product pretty unique.
  • Yandere Simulator free.
  • Games official website has lot of content, such as list of rules, "school map", "characters", "music" and more!


  • Product incomplete.
  • English community is small.

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