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Interesting Facts About Yandere Simulator Game

Interesting Facts About Yandere Simulator Game

Yandere Simulator is a game about a high school student who falls in love with her Senpai, who does not love her back. It is the player's job to prevent the girl from confessing her love to the Senpai or murdering her before she can confess her love to him. The player can use various methods to eliminate the girl, such as getting her expelled from school, ruining her reputation, or making her fail her classes.

The player can also use a more direct approach, such as kidnapping her, holding her hostage in their basement, or killing her.

The game is currently in development and the developer is planning to release a new build every week.

  1. Since this game is still in development, not all features are known.
  2. The protagonist is named Yandere-chan (or Yandere-Kun for the male protagonist).
  3. The game takes place in an exaggerated high school setting.
  4. The gameplay is like a stealth game.
  5. The player can use weapons such as knives, poison, electric fences, and more.
  6. Yandere Simulator gameplay features a day and night cycle.
  7. The player can interact with other students.
  8. There are a variety of endings depending on the player's choices.
  9. The player must maintain a normal reputation while they are stalking Senpai.
  10. The player can attend classes, join clubs and make friends gain various benefits.
10 May 2022